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KRT – October 2010

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The latest in a string of tall buildings in London to play on, this follows Southwark Tower, London Bridge House and Temple Court as my ‘High London’ experiences. What made this different was the ease of which it could be explored and ascended.

As evidently visible, the height of KRT is an attractive enough proposition, as are the views over the river and to the buildings under construction around London Bridge. Other recent London highs such as Heron and Athena have been enjoyed by several, but their locations don’t afford such views.

Blackfriar’s (Road and rail) Bridges, The Millennium Bridge and in the distance, Southwark Bridge. Heron and Gherkin are visible too.

A blatent rip off of Brad’s excellent shot , however not executed as well.

Looking East down Southwark Street.

And finally, a test of my boundaries.

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November 14th, 2010 at 7:39 pm

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