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Thoughts on Fear

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Snappel, 2011 – “When it comes down to stuff like this there’s a simple decision to be made: go big or go home. You know the consequences of a bust, you know you’re playing with fire, you know what it could lead to. You accept it, so that even if the shit hits the fan, you’d still rather have gone through it all than been one of the braindead droids playing it safe, never achieving anything of note”

Otter, 2011 – “Certain locations require different skills, be they climbing, knowledge of SRT or generally just being small enough to fit in the “no fatties” access points. All of the above do however require one thing, confidence. Without the confidence to take the risks, push the boundaries and throw caution to the wind your going nowhere except your local asylum. So when you loose this, you have a big problem.”

Dsankt, 2009 – “In that moment before descent the alchemic mix of fear and adrenaline pump through your body, doubts and questions race through your mind. Courage suppresses the fear and a few long breaths calm the mind”

Otter, 2011 – “While I’m no stranger to running live tunnels, it still remains my least preferred method of entry. The idea of my life ending due to extreme voltage or the impact of lots of metal haunt my dreams, but if its the only option and the distance is small then I’m willing to risk it.”

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April 16th, 2020 at 1:32 pm

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