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Just One Pic – November 2010

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I went into the Westbourne with Neb. We walked up to the point The Westbourne (aka the Ranelagh Sewer) intersects the Middle Level No 1 Sewer, and then returned and walked through to where it meets the Tyburn. The Egg is the Storm relief for The Westbourne, and as such, the configuration is slightly irregular in order to ensure the water goes where it’s meant to.


A relatively sweaty, sticky, misty hike, we stopped just once for a photograph, an opportunity to see the point The Egg and the Westbourne meet briefly so that The Westbourne can overflow into The Egg to store excess storm water. On the left is the point whereby the Westbourne can flow down into The Egg during heavy flow. As that tunnel running perpendicular to the shot continues, it becomes part of the Storm Relief, eventually flowing into the Low Level sewer at the outfall.  On the right of the image is the natural course of The Westbourne, leading south to the Tyburn.. Behind the camera is the rest of The Egg. This section of crossover has always confused, me, but I think I’ve got it now.. (If you know better, please correct me!)

Written by Winch

November 17th, 2010 at 8:07 pm

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  1. Good stuff as ever Winch. It was a nice night. I must say, I’m a little confused still, looking at our maps…


    17 Nov 10 at 8:55 pm

  2. From my equally limited ka-nowledge, the natural course of the westbourne (now Ranelagh CSO) flows horizontally above the centre of the shot down to the Thames (via interceptor relief) and not the Storm Relief. Behind the camera is the Ranelagh storm relief (which goes West a bit and then runs parallel to the Ranelagh as it approaches the Thames. The smaller pipe on the right is the Tyburn/KSP relief (the Tyburn/KSP being at the top of the pipe). It’s classified as the Ranelagh Storm relief though. Do i get my JD drain0r badge for my scout uniform now?

    I was googling for some upstream shots of the Ranelagh and came across this and Nebs reports. Nothing on sub-urban & silentuk either 🙁

    Pipe Ninja

    31 May 11 at 12:05 pm

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