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Dreadnaught – October 2010

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We wanted to hit Motherload. As we walked down the path where the lid is, the heavens opened and pissed cats and dogs at us an hour. Motherload is meant to be nasty at the best of times, volatile like a couple of previous relationships. Spits 3 times a day, usually unexpected and due to several co-factors. When it rains, no drains. Except from Dreadnaught. I realised when we went to Dreadnaught in June, we’d missed a few bits, bits that were actually quite interesting.

The 3 way spread (2 outfall pipes, one main channel)

Looking back at the entrance.

About 3,000 miles of walking gets you from the outfall entrance to the first infall, a big concrete room with giant steps cutting in. Excellent photo opportunities for the concrete munchers, but you’ll find it across many forums in the uber1337 drain0r section. Dreadnought looks to be one of the more touristy drains out there, but c’est la vie, when it’s pissing it down in Bristol and you’re at a loose end, why not go and see if it’s any different with a bit of water in it?

A step arrangement.

Pose, you slag.

Infall two sees a stream cut across the top, and if the stream overflows by a foot, the interceptor, er, intercepts it. This was like a giant concrete room next to a stream. I could imagine living here if I had to hide from the popo, the feds, the 5-0, the nee-nors or those wot have guns. It’s suitably dank and I’m sure one day some hip film company will use it for something, hopefully involving a man in a dinner suit. I think you could have some fun model shoots in drains, maybe hire some dead bodies for the day – hospitals must be able to arrange that. Imagine that! A drain full of dead zombies. Reckon we can arrange that some time?



Opposite there is a collector of sorts,  which again feeds out into the stream. I’d assume this is just run-off as the flow was minimal from the hour’s rain we’d had.  This was so clean I’d drink it, if I was thirsty. I’m sure there wasn’t piss in it.

Not Collecting.

Bogey Green.

It was fun to have another mooch around Dreadnaught, even if my feet were aching like fuck and I didn’t want to walk back to the car.

It’s quite nice to go in a drain that isn’t totally dark in all the good bits – it’s a bit more natural to shoot and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have an ubertorch, a superflouro or a billion candlepower searchblaster. As much as I love the creative opportunities in the pitch black, this is exactly what Dreadnaught looks like to the untrained eye.  Except for the black and white.

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October 21st, 2010 at 11:04 am

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  1. “when it’s pissing it down in Bristol and you’re at a loose end, why not go and see if it’s any different with a bit of water in it?”

    I believe Drainrat has some good pics on a thread covering just this on Darkplaces. They show quite clearly that when it rains, no drains!


    22 Oct 10 at 8:14 am

  2. Dreadnaught was never going to be silly high – given the rain had only come on that day and the drain is massive anyway, I couldn’t foresee any trouble. It was probably flowing less than it was on my previous visit!


    22 Oct 10 at 8:40 am

  3. Im curious as to where the inlet for Dreadnaught is? Lived in Bristol all my life but never even knew of this drain!


    23 Apr 12 at 9:32 am

  4. Hi Chris, it runs under Bedminster, and the infall is down by Airport Road.


    23 Apr 12 at 10:28 pm

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