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Bevis Mark

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March 2011

The City of London is a happy hunting ground for the ascension inclined amongst the community. Bevis Mark is undergoing ‘improvements’ in the same way that Kings Reach Tower was, and at just 9 stories, would probably be left aside if it wasn’t immediately adjacent to 30 St Mary’s Axe, AKA ‘The Gherkin’.

We’d turned up to look at a couple of cranes, the first had a police car parked by the entrance so we went to look at Heron, as it nears completion. Access to the site was a doddle but there were workers on the first and ground floors.

Access to Bevis Mark wasn’t much different. Larey spotted the crane poking up and identified the access point to the site, which caused a great deal of noise but did the job. While the others hopped onto the scaffolding,  I found a staircase and we solved the access puzzle, using 3 different staircases, some scaffolding and a ladder to get to the rooftop itself.

In truth, this site was just far too close to any of the buildings and far too short to be able to take any decent pics (you can’t without pointing the camera at the sky), but in terms of a rewarding experience, it put out.

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March 12th, 2011 at 10:38 am

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